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Why Choose an independent hearing specialist?

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Which? asked hearing aid customers about the range of products they were offered, hearing aid prices, customer service and facilities at the UK’s biggest hearing aid retailers. Local independent retailers topped the table and scored higher than their main competitors on the high street.

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Which? says “Independent shops are rated most highly by the people we spoke to”

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Why Choose Independent?

Personal Service

Local expertise always on hand to support you. Flexibility to meet your needs; weekend appointments, home visits.  A friendly service awaits you in our comfortable branch.

Fareham Hearing Services

Choice of Hearing Aids

We’re not tied to any manufacturer so can offer you the choice from all the leading brands.  We will price match a written quote from a local branch of hearing retailer.

Access to the latest technology

As we have access to all the leading manufacturers, we can be the first to get the latest developments in hearing technology from around the world.

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