Fareham Hearing Centre

Our Hearing Assessments

From our clinic, your home or workplace, we use state of the art equipment to test your hearing.  All our testing is free of charge and without any obligation. 

For all assessments it is recommended to have a partner, friend or family member with you, as a familiar voice can be invaluable for word tests, speech in background noise tests and hearing aid demonstrations.

Full Hearing Assessment

We offer a full hearing assessment which we believe to be the most comprehensive available. This includes:

  • Video otoscopy where your ear canal and ear drum are inspected through a high definition camera
  • Tympanometry which assesses the efficiency of the ear drum and health of the middle ear
  • Puretone audiometry
  • AB word tests
  • Quick sin

Where required we will demonstrate hearing aid technology in background noise, music and with television.

Contact us to book your free hearing assessment. 

Screening Test

We also offer a simple screening test for those who are not sure if they have a loss or would just like to have a check for a point of reference in the future.

Online Screening Test

You can test your hearing with our free three minute online hearing test.

While there’s no replacement for our professional hearing tests and a consultation with a hearing care expert, the online hearing screening can provide some quick and useful feedback about your hearing.  Click on the link below.