Our Wax Removal Service

Excessive earwax can cause discomfort, hearing loss and can interfere with the normal operation of hearing aids.

We offer premium earwax removal treatment via Micro-suction – a method that allows the earwax and ear canal to remain in clear vision throughout the procedure, improving the efficiency of the clearance and significantly reducing risk.

We also offer earwax removal by irrigation, our audiologist will assess and discuss the best and safest method for you.

£45 for one ear

£75 for two ears

This service is FREE to all our hearing aid clients whilst their aids are in warranty.

Contact us to book an appointment at our clinic in Portchester.

Fareham Hearing Centre

As with all medical procedures, there are risks with wax removal. Our audiologist will advise you of these and ensure we have your consent before proceeding. Some medical conditions will preclude you from having a wax removal procedure. This will be fully explained at your appointment.